Welcome to Fairyland: The Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village is open for Magic

Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Door Walk

The Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village is a beautiful section of Bottle Lake Forest filled with fairy houses and fairy doors.  It is not so much a fairy door walk, as a place to explore and for the magic to come alive.
The Fairy Door Forest has been recently relocated to this area of Bottle Lake Forest and you are welcome to bring your own fairy houses to add to the Forest.  To help protect the trees, the local rangers have safely added wooden plinths (so they don’t damage the trees) and you can nail your fairy door or fairy house to these.
It is a pram friendly walk, as well as a dog friendly walk.
Emilia from Backyard Travel Family finds two white toys horses in a fairy house in the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village, Christchurch, New Zealand
Emilia from Backyard Travel Family is exploring a Christchurch fairy door walk at Bottle Lake Forest

Where is the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village?

Bottle Lake Forest is just an 18 minute drive from Christchurch CBD (8km)
You can find the Bottle Lake Fairy Forest right near the main carpark, located on Waitikiri Drive.  Park in this main carpark and head towards the forest and information centre area.  If you walk straight ahead, you will see a big green sign saying Bottle Lake Fairy Forest on your right hand side.
The Bottle Lake Forest fairy door walk is perfect for kids of all ages. It’s a great place for toddlers to walk and run out their energy as they run from tree to tree.
There are over 100 fairy doors to find and more being added as local residents add to the magical village.

How long is the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Door Walk?

The whole fairy village is located either side of a straight flat forest path. It is only a few hundred metres in length so isnt a long walk. How long it takes will depend entirely on whether you visit every single fairy house or not. I would allow 30-60 minutes to explore.
The Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Houses Walk is perfectly accessible for off road strollers and is wheelchair accessible too. (If you are okay with a dirt path with mild gravel) The Track is off road but flat.
Colourful wooden fairy house, with the sign "Fairy Ranger HQ" as found on the Bottle Lake Fairy Forest, Christchurch
Blue and green wooden train on the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Door Walk, Christchurch

Can you bike on the Fairy Door walk?

Yes! The track is flat and easy for all cyclists. If the kids are little, it’s a great place for a balance bike or trike


What is it like in the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village?

The fairy village is entirely shaded in the trees, which is beautiful and cool during the summer, but will be very fresh in winter (bring warm clothes)
The Bottle Lake Forest Fairy House Village is a perfect place for a picnic, so bring along a picnic mat and make a morning of it.
Older kids will also love playing in the wooden tree trunk fort near the beginning of the track. If you are looking for more things to do in Bottle Lake Forest while you are here, check out our list below
Emilia from Backyard Travel Family opens up a bright red fairy door in the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village, Christchurch
Wooden carved owl at the beginning of the Bottle Lake Forest Fairy Village Walk in Christchurch

Things to do in Bottle Lake Forest

We have another article all about Bottle Lake Forest here
  • Ride or walk on the main Bottle Lake Forest Tracks. There are flat off-road trails as well as more technical mountain bike tracks suitable from beginners to advanced. The Forest tracks are suitable for off road strollers too. Do be aware that the Forest is sand based so is quite soft in places.
  • Play on the large recycled tyre playground. If your kids love exploring and climbing, then this incentive play area will be perfect. My kids love jumping off the tyres and competing parkour style stunts
  • Ride on the pump track and bike circuit. The bike track here at Bottle Lake Forest is great for the kids to test their skills, and also good if you as an adult don’t want to bike/or don’t have a bike. They can burn off some steam all within watching distance of you. There are some great balance beams for older kids to practice their bike skills on too.
For more fun things to do in Christchurch with kids, try the articles below


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what you need to know


Park at the main Bottle Lake Forest Carpark on Waitikiri Road, just 18 minutes from the Christchurch City Centre

The fairy village

- short walk, allow 30 mins depending on how long you explore
- buggy friendly walk / stroller friendly walk
- Dog friendly walk
- just a few hundred metres of strolling through the woodland forest
- Find over 100 fairy houses

Suitable for kids?

Suitable for kids of all ages
- Great walk for young toddlers, or bring their balance bike
- Older kids will enjoy playing in and building tree branch forts, of which they are a few in the forest already or biking at the pump track and tyre playground closeby.


- Free Parking
- Toilets
- Information Centre on site
- Tyre Playground
- Cycling and walking tracks
- Bike pump track and skills area
- Bottle Lake Fairy Forest is under shade

What to bring

- bike if you like
- camera
- warm clothes in winter as its in the shade

Food options

Often an ice cream truck on site during the summer, but the closest shopping centre and supermarket is at the Palms Shopping Centre. (Also Veges Direct, on nearby Mairehau Road has good deals on fruit and vegetables)

What the critics thought

It was so cuuuute seeing Emilia run to all the fairy houses. She loves them. I like it better when we have to find them on a walk, like a treasure hunt. But this is okay. There needs to be more boy fairy houses
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