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If it’s your first time visiting New Zealand I know you will have a ton of questions.  Where to go, when to go, how to get around and how much will it cost to visit.  Start here with our New Zealand itineraries and travel tips then explore our website for more New Zealand travel ideas

Hey, I’m Jen, founder of Backyard Travel Family and we are based in the South Island.  We are kiwi born and bred and on a mission to share the beautiful of New Zealand with adventurous travellers like yourself.  You’ll find a ton of information here on our website including attractions, accommodation and if you’re into the outdoors, lots of hiking and camping content too.  So excited you’re planning your first trip so scroll on down and get cracking!

New Zealand Itineraries

Our road trip itineraries tick off the bucket list experiences to have in New Zealand and add in some of our favourite hidden gems

Road Trips

Our campervan guides compile everything you need to know about taking a motorhome trip in New Zealand.  Our guide to planning also includes the rules around freedom camping, driving in New Zealand and about carseat use 

New Zealand Holiday Planning Tips

Some great tips for first time visitors to New Zealand including costs, visas, flying long haul and tramping with kids (our climate and conditions can make this dangerous)

Regional Guides

Our best collection of regional guides covers off all the best things to do in our major region and cities around New Zealand.  Scroll across to view them all.  It’s a good place to start if you’re deciding what to add to your New Zealand itinerary

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