Bobs Cove Queenstown Walk

Bobs Cove Queenstown Walk

The Bobs Cove track near Queenstown would have to be the best Queenstown short walk.  Seriously, an unassuming signpost on the side of the road will lead you to a beautiful secret bay.  This beach is sheltered by the peninsula, meaning its settled and the water is an incredible emerald green.

Have I sold you on it yet?  But wait there’s more.  Head to picnic point on the peninsula for 360 degree views of Lake Wakatipu and a birds eye view of Bobs Cove.  Just beautiful and easily one of the best short walks in Queenstown.

If you are not a fan of hiking, but love good views, then this short walk might be for you.

This article will cover the following

  • Where to find Bobs Cove Queenstown?
  • Short Walk to Bobs Cove (10 mins)
  • Walk to the Picnic Point Viewpoint at Bobs Cove (40-45 minutes return)
  • Longer walk from Bobs Cove to 12 Mile Delta (a couple of hours)
  • Facilities at Bobs Cove
  • A bit of history of Bobs Cove
  • More awesome Queenstown Walks and fun things to do in Queenstown

Jen and Emilia from Backyard Travel Family stand on the Bobs Cove jetty and look at each other 

How to get to Bobs Cove Queenstown NZ

The Bobs Cove Track is located just south of Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand.  Queenstown is a popular holiday spot and a must do on your New Zealand trip itinerary.  

The Bobs Cove walk is a good stop on a road trip to Glenorchy.  It is only a 15 minute drive from Queenstown, on the main Glenorchy-Queenstown Road.  Follow all signs for Glenorchy and you will see a pull off area and small parking spot on your left hand side.

You will need a car to reach the Bobs Cove hike.  There is no public transport to reach this Queenstown hike.

Bobs Cove Location: At Bobs Cove Recreation Reserve, Glenorchy-Queenstown Road

Sign at Bobs Cove Track, Queenstown walk 

Bobs Cove Track, Queenstown

Walk to Bobs Cove (10 minutes)

It will take only 5-10 minutes to walk down the short hill to Bobs Cove.  It is a great track for kids and it is stroller friendly (if you have an off road buggy you would be happy to get a little dirty on the bush track)

A tip for kids:  There is a childrens playground just minutes from the Bobs Cove carpark. If you are traveling from Queenstown, it is just before Bobs Cove off Fishermans Lane.  Its a modern natural playground in wood tones and a great thing to do with kids.

The bush track is full of native birds such as tui and piwakawaka (fantails) and incredible lush plant life.  Quite a typical New Zealand bush walk, but lovely all the same.

Three kids from Backyard Travel Family embrace on the beach at Bobs Cove Queenstown 

Walk to Picnic Point Viewpoint, Bobs Cove Queenstown (20-30 minutes from Bobs Cove)

If you continue around the lakefront walk, the track will lead up the small hill to the top of the Peninsula.  You will reach a signpost signally the loop is 20 minutes return, but if you head from here to walk the track clockwise, you will find a faster but steeper way up the track.

The anticlockwise loop (straight ahead) is a less steep spiral track, working its way to the top of Bobs Cove viewpoint.  Next time I would just walk up the steeper but shorter track, which would only take around 5 minutes

Backyard Travel Family delight in reaching the top of Picnic Point, Bobs Cove. With incredibles blue green waters of Lake Wakatipu in behind them. 

Longer walk: Twelve Mile Delta track to Bobs Cove Track (2-4 hours)

You can also walk up to Twelve Mile Delta from the Bobs Cove Track.  The whole track is 6.8km return and takes 2-4 hours.  We haven’t done this whole section before, but its said to be a good walk with lakeside views.

Twelve Mile Delta is a Department of Conservation camping ground, a good cheap option for tents and campervans if you don’t want to be right in the Queenstown City Centre.  There is no freedom camping in Queenstown, so this is a good Queenstown budget accommodation option.

You can also mountain bike the track between Twelve Mile Delta and Bobs Cove.  It’s a grade two mountain bike track.  There are some small climbs, but it is relatively easy.


Bobs Cove Beach

The beach at Bobs Cove is a great Queenstown swimming spot.  It is a sheltered bay, so is great for kids, as well as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.  The beach itself is rocky, so don’t expect sand here.

Top tip:  Sandflies love to hang out here, yes even in winter, so bring some insect repellent.

Clear blue green water at Bobs Cove Queenstown hike 

Facilities at Bobs Cove, New Zealand

Bobs Cove has a long drop toilet on the left hand side of the track, just as you reach the beachfront.  But there is no running water here or picnic tables, just a lone toilet.


Bobs Cove Jetty

Around to the left hand side of Bobs Cove is the little wharf.   In summer, this is a great spot to jump off the end.  Make sure you head right to the end where the ground drops off, otherwise it will be too shallow.  Or even take up a Queenstown polar plunge like we saw one local do.  Phew! It looked very fresh, I’m not sure I’d be up for it.

If the water is really still it’s a lovely reflection lake Queenstown photo.

3 children walk the bush track at Bobs Cove Queenstown NZ

Bobs Cove History

If you are up for a bit of learning along the way, as you walk from Bobs Cove Beach to the viewpoint you will find the historic kilns.  These limestone kilns are from the 1800s where they quarried limestone from the Queenstown area.  

You can see the remnants of these limestone kilns along with some informative panels on the trail to Picnic Point.

Backyard Travel Family children learn about the history of the limestone kilns on the Bobs Cove walk Queenstown 

More awesome things to do in Queenstown


Other Short Walks in Queenstown

  • Queenstown Gardens
  • Sunshine Hill Walkway
  • Walk a section of the Frankton Track
  • Walk along the Queenstown Waterfront (pictured below)
  • Glenorchy Lagoon Track
  • Arrow River Trail

Tourists watch the sun go down on Queenstown Watefront at Sunset

Also nearby in Wanaka (just 1 hour from Queenstown)

Nathan from Backyard Travel Family sits an looks over the view over Lake Wanaka from the Rocky Mountain wanaka track



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what you need to know


Drive on the Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd towards Glenorchy, approximately 14km from central Queenstown. You will find the small carpark on the left hand side, not far past the 12 Mile Delta Campsite

The walk

- 10 minute walk to Bobs Cove
- A further 20 minutes to the Picnic Point Lookout with incredible views. Definitely worth the extra walk and small hill climb

Suitable for kids?

A great short walk for kids. My 3 year old managed this pretty well with a good rest at the top of the hill.


- Free Parking
- Toilets just before Bobs Cove beach
- Rocky shoreline
- No picnic tables at the beach, just stones

What to bring

- Insect Repellant: the bugs are rampant even in winter.

Food options

Closest options for food are in Central Queenstown. Nothing closeby

What the critics thought

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