Innovative New-Age: Foster Park Playground, Rolleston, Christchurch

Foster Park Playground is a destination playground!

If you’re looking for a good playground near Christchurch, but not in the hustle and bustle of the city, check out Foster Park Playground in Rolleston.  This new age playground is a great destination playground, meaning it’s worth the travel just to get there and there is enough to entertain the kids for a couple of hours.  I would have to make the big call and say this is one of the best playgrounds in Canterbury.

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Highlights of Foster Park Playground
  • Flying Fox
  • Huge wide stainless steel slide
  • Large blue slide
  • Unique climbing rope frames
  • Swings including baby swing and hanging basket
  • Spinning climbing frame
  • Toddler train playground and small hut
Where is Foster Park, Rolleston?

Located just a couple of minutes from the Rolleston town centre, and just 5 minutes from State Highway 1, this is an easy side trip or day trip in Canterbury.  There is plenty of parking, given there are sports fields alongside this adventure playground, although I imagine it would be busy on a Saturday morning with sport.

Rolleston is just 25 minutes from the Christchurch International Airport and Christchurch CBD, or 50 minutes from Ashburton.  Foster Park is definitely one of the best things to do in Rolleston with kids, so worth the trip!

Such an awesome playground, Foster Park Playground, Christchurch, just 30 minutes from Christchurch Airport and the Christchurch CBD
Awesome toddlers train playground at Foster Park Playground, Christchurch, Canterbury
Nathan from Backyard Travel Family explores the train at the best playground in Canterbury, Foster Park Playground
Emilia from Backyard Travel Family tests out the slide in the toddlers area of the Foster Park Playground, Rolleston, New Zealand

Is Foster Park suitable for all kids?

One of the best things about this playground is that there are activities for all ages.  It has a great selection for toddlers and just walkers, including a train, tunnel and slide that was very popular with my one year old, and there are a variety of activities for the older kids too!

Perhaps one of the highlights are Foster Park’s two big slides, one a covered slide, and the second a wide stainless steel slide that ensures no one is waiting to slide for very long.  Do be careful though as in some temperatures it gets a bit hot, and depending on the humidity, you may shoot off the end. (I’m looking at you parents… have those feet prepared for slowing down or beware the numb bum)

There is a great flying fox, rock climbing holds to climb up to the slides, some great rope climbing frames that provide an element of risk, while still being super safe.  The other great thing is that the surface is all completely waterproof with the fake grass and that soft spongy non slip rubber surface. I know we are always looking for the best playground in the winter to avoid getting wet and muddy so this is a great one.

What are the facilities like at Foster Park?

This Rolleston playground is well set up for picnics with plenty of seating and some good shaded areas.  There is a water fountain in case you have forgotten your drink bottle, or need to fill up yours.

The only downside is that the toilets are down the other end of the carpark in a semi-permanent portable building.  This does make it hard to just nip away if your kids need to go. I find I have to take them all with me. If you do send the kids down by themselves, just be aware that the doors are super heavy and even my 5 year old struggles to open it.  (You don’t want them to get stuck)

There are no food or coffee facilities on site but it is a short two minute drive to the Rolleston town centre where there are two supermarkets and numerous cafes and restaurants.  On State Highway 1, you will also find your usual fast food outlets.

Other activities close by that we love


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what you need to know


- 5 minutes from State Highway 1 Rolleston turnoff
- 30 minutes from both the Christchurch CBD and Christchurch International Airport.

The playground

- Flying Fox
- Huge wide stainless steel slide
- Large blue slide
- Unique climbing rope frames
- Swings including baby swing and hanging basket
- Spinning climbing frame
- Merry-go-round
- Toddler train playground and small hut
- Rock climbing style access to slides

Suitable for kids?

- Babies/Toddlers: yes there are swings, tiny slides and small structures to climb for little ones
- Preschoolers: Perfect, my 3 year old just loves this place and there isn't anything he can't do here
- 5 year olds +: There is plenty of adventure and risk here to make it fun. My kids will enjoy this for many years to come. There were also some early high school aged kids here playing with their siblings and friends too.


- Toilets at the far end of the carpark in a Portacom block. Note the doors are heavy and hard to open
- Shade over large slides
- Lots of wide umbrellas for shade over picnic tables so a great place in the summer
- Wheelchair access to the top of the slide to view the playground but no wheelchair specific activities for kids here
- Water fountain in the centre of the playground

What to bring

- Lunch for a picnic
- Appropriate clothing for summer/winter
- Nothing else required, its that easy and why we love it

Food options

- Countdown and New World Supermarkets, 1 minute drive in Rolleston Town Centre, Rolleston Drive
- Restaurants and Cafes in Rolleston Town Centre, Rolleston Drive
- Hooked Fish and Chips, 55 Faringdon Boulevard has a delicious offering in a clean modern shop with seating.

What the critics thought

Everyone talks about the new Margaret Mahy Playground in the city, which we love, but this is far easier to get to and park and I love all the really different innovative activities. We love this as a good stop on the way, as its only a short detour off State Highway 1. The kids think its awesome and often ask to go here.
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