Ashburton Domain, Canterbury

Nathan from Backyard Travel families tests out the climbing frame at the Ashburton Domain Playground
The Largest Ashburton Playground.

My kids love the Ashburton Domain.  It has Ashburtons largest playground and really has a lot of variety for all ages.  It isn’t a brand new modern playground, but it definitely has a lot of things to explore (a tractor, mouse wheel, multiple swing sets, small climbing wall, huge rope climbing frame etc)  So if you are heading down the East Coast, its definitely an easy stop.

Bike Track

There is a wee concrete bike track that is best suited from approximately 3-10 years old.  My kids will go around this for hours.

Outdoor splash pool
There is also an outdoor splash pool.  Its completely free and is as deep as my two year olds waist, so is a great option for the little ones.  There’s a small amount of shade over the seating but the pool itself is exposed.
Other domain activities

What most people don’t know about, are the wee hidden gems in the domain.  Across the road from the playground is an outdoor aviary, with our favourites – the peacocks.  You can wander down to the other end of the domain to the duck pond (corner of Wills and West Street)  You can also find beautiful gardens, a water wheel and even a fitness track that runs around the outer of the domain.

Easy to access on a road trip

If you are travelling through, there are toilets here by the main State Highway 1 (near the roundabout) as well as at the playground, so this is an easy stop en route without having to deviate too far.

Other Activities in the Area
Great road trip rest stop at the Ashburton Domain Playground with climbing walls, swings and slides // Backyard Travel Family
A great road trip stop at this challenging rope climbing frame at the Ashburton Domain Playground, Ashburton, New Zealand // Backyard Travel Family
Free bird and peacock viewing at the local aviary at Ashburton Domain, free family fun // Backyard Travel Family
Great playground suitable for all ages, with a great range of activities including large climbing frames and tractors. Ashburton Domain Playground // Backyard Travel Family


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what you need to know


Parking access right near the roundabout on the corner of Walnut Ave and West St/State Highway 1

The playground

- Fun for all ages
- Slides
- Swings
- Hamster Wheel
- Climbing frames
- Duck pond
- Aviary
- Mini bike track
- Splash pad/pool


- Toilets and water near the playground and splash pool
- No shade at the playground unless under the trees surrounding it

What to bring

Swimsuit in the summer, picnic, bikes for the track, food for the ducks, sunscreen and sunhats

Food options

None in the domain, but you are 2 minutes from town. Our favs are:
- Cleavers Corner (Restaurant/Coffee) Corner of West St and Tancred St
- Somerset Grocer (Cafe) 165 Burnett Street
- Harveys Bakehouse (Bakery) 56 Creek Road

Further information

Map of Ashburton Domain

What the critics thought

I love the tractor and we pretend to drive on the farm
Backyard Travel Family / Your go to for practical advice for active families travelling around New Zealand
3 year old Fire Cracker
Easy stop, never super busy and entertains the kids. Sounds perfect to me
Backyard Travel Family / Your go to for practical advice for active families travelling around New Zealand
Chief Travel Organiser

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