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Tramping with Kids: A Guide on how to plan and keep safe

The two most important things when tramping with kids: Having fun and making it home safely

Learn where to find the right information on trails, how to plan for the weather, what to pack, how long a trail to choose, emergency situations and more

including my most controversial piece of tramping advice

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Tramping Gear List: Hiking Gear for Kids and Families

Ever wondered whether a flashlight is a must have on a tramping trip or nice to have?

Gear lists are long for day hikes and overnight hikes so do you need it or not?

We cover what is essential, what you can make do with and some things that will make life a little easier on your next family hiking trip

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Backyard Travel Family sit in front of the Hooker Hut in Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand

Outdoor Gear Recommendations: What Backyard Travel Family use

There are so many brands of outdoor gear and some are very expensive. It’s fair to say that we have tested our fair share in a range of conditions

Here in one place we discuss what gear we choose to take into the outdoors, why and what we love about it and don’t

It’s a great place to start if you are looking to get new outdoor gear fro the family

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